Nice terrain for families

You don´t have to walk far from Johnsgård until you are above the tree line and get a fantastic view of the lake Femund and Femundsmarka National Park. 

We offer easy terrain, with a number of marked trails:

  • 2 hours walk (8 km) around Langsjøsetra og Jotsetra (old outfarm houses). There is a shelter where you can take a break half way. 
  • Hike to the top of mount Gloføken, 1325 moh. About 2 hours hike to the top, where you can see all the way to Rondane in west and Sweden in east. 
  • One day tour around the mountain Gloføkkampen, about 16 km. There is a shelter after about 9 km.

Our shortest trail is 2 km, and is universal designed. It is an easy trail for elders and children, and you can also go there with stroller or wheelchair. There are benches around the trail, so you can take a break during the walk. After about 1 km, you will find a wooden teepee down by the lake Langsjøen. Our popular frisbee golf course is also around this trail.

If you are looking for bigger challenges, there are some nice mountains in the area:

  • Sålekinna 1591 moh
  • Elgpiggen 1604 moh
  • Rendalssølen 1755 moh

Please contact us for questions regarding hiking.