General information regarding Covid-19

Quarantine upon arrival in Norway from abroad

Anyone arriving in Norway from abroad shall be in home quarantine for 10 days, with the exception of specified countries in Europe with sufficiently low transmission (link).

The areas that are exempt from quarantine duty may change rapidly and the overview will be updated every 14 days, at least.

If you arrive in Norway from a "green" area, you are exempt from quarantine. If you arrive in Norway from a "red" area, you need to be in quarantine.


The general infection control advice is;

    1. People who are sick should stay at home.
    2. Good hygiene.
    3. Limit contact between people, keep at least 1 metre distance to those you do not live with or your closest circle of contacts.



If sick

Guests with any symptoms of infection must stay in quarantene/isolation in their own camper/caravan.

We reserve the right to reject or send home guests with symptoms of infection, 
including those who have the opportunity to stay in their own caravan / motorhome.


Ved bekreftet smitte hos ansatte eller gjester, gjennomføres smittevask av alle områder hvor vedkommende har oppholdt seg. Kommunelegen vil også bli kontaktet. Det kan være aktuelt å stenge deler av plassen dersom dette skulle skje.

General measures

Keep distance

Stay in small groups and avoid contact with other guests



Please use desinfection and/ or hand wash regularly.


Common areas will be cleaned and desinfected several times every day.