Car tours

We recommend a trip from Johnsgård to Elgå at the east shore of the lake Femund, and to Valdalen near the swedish border. This region is the southest homeland of the Laplanders called «samer». You can combine this car trip with a short tour to the near mountains of Elgå. If you take the road to Valdalen, you are able to see the earth-houses witch the «samene» used.

On this tour you can be quite sure to see reindeer.

If you have enough time, make a digression to Drevsjø. Soon after you pass the town-centre you will see a signboard with «Blokkodden».

Blokkodden Wilderness Museum has managed to combine both nature and culture. This open-air museum depicts the utilisation of Femundsmarka through several centuries. A southern Lapp winter shelter has been built to depict the Laplanders way of life. 
Beside coal burning, both hunting and fishing were important necessities. During the 20th century, forestry was a major industry.
In 1986 Blokkodden was nominated for the European Council's Museum Award.
The museum is open from mid-June until mid-August. Daily guiding tours and various activity days  through July.


Gutulia National Park

Gutulia National Park was established in 1968, and was suggested as a possible preservation area as early as in 1916, because of its primeval forest.

The national park is 19 sq. kilometres. With a few exceptions the fores has been allowed to grow wild and untouched.

You can find spruce trees up to 300 years old, and pine trees ut to 500 years.

From about 1750 - 1949 mountain farms were operating and you find these houses restored.

During July you may buy coffe and waffles in Gutulia. Easist access: follow the signboard and forest raoad nord- east of Sorken.




Femundsmarka National Park

Femundsmarka National Park was declared as a national park in 1971, and is a typical wilderness area with pine forest, open fieds, mountain plateau`s and many lakes.

There are no roads leading in to the 385 square kilometres wide national park. You have to walk from Elgå, Valdalen or Sylen, or use the M/S Fæmund II.

Femundsmarka is well known for its excellent hiking terrain, and is an angler`s paradise.