Monica Bye Spånberg

Monica is a local girl, that grew up just half an hour away from Johnsgård. She is married to Jonas. She has a masters degree in archaeology and is also educated as local guide.

Jonas Steigen Johnsgård

Jonas grew up on Johnsgård and took over the business after his parents in 2015, together with Monica. Jonas studied for one year at the College of the Rockies in Fernie, BC (Canada) where he got educated in tourism and guiding (Mountain Adventure Skills Training). He is also active in the local red cross and is an instructor of winter-
and water rescuing.

Grete A. Steigen

Grete is married to Jan Ole, and together they have run the business since 1999. She has a bachelor degree in local history.

Jan Ole Johnsgård

Jan Ole took over after is parents in 1999, together with his wife. In addition they also have a small farm with 12 cows, which they are still running. Jan Ole has great local knowledge and is the one to ask if you have questions regarding fishing or skiing.

We are certified eco-lighthouse company from march 2019.

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